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For the attention of the editors: regional media development program in Baltics

To: Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian independent regional media outlets who want to improve the quality of journalism, strengthen their business stability, increase online audience, restructure newsroom work to create a unified approach to content creation on all media platforms.

Why participate: This program is meant for you if you are ready to change, but you need advice, additional knowledge and skills, support from colleagues who have encountered similar challenges and have experience in dealing with them. The program's consultants and experts will help you develop an appropriate strategy for changes, provide you with the knowledge you need to understand how to fill gaps in workflow planning, content creation and distribution, optimize existing resources and try new ways to make a profit.

What will happen within the program: Participants of the program will have access to regular master classes and individual consultations, as well as the opportunity to share experiences and strengthen ties with colleagues from other Baltic countries. Those who will be highly motivated to implement in-depth reforms of the internal editorial process will be able to use the services of a long-term consultant, who, as far as possible, will work in person in the newsroom for several (three to six) months. The working language (Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, English) will be chosen depending on how easy it is for most participants to communicate.

Who organizes the program: Baltic Centre for Media Excellence and the world's leading media development organization "Internews".

Who can apply: Independent regional media outlets of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (print, TV, radio, online portals, social networking platforms, as well as combinations of the above types). To participate in the program, you must be independent of the influence of political parties, municipalities and political or business groups. We expect from you the desire to learn, change and incorporate new approaches into daily work, the willingness to devote time and resources to learning and implementing change. We will especially appreciate if you are interested in developing / improving content for Russian-speaking audiences (in regions with a large Russian and / or Polish community). We plan to invite one participant from each country. All trainings for program participants will be organized free of charge.

How to apply: By filling in the application form in the annex.

Applications should be sent to Signe Valtiņa, Media Training program manager of the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence,

Deadline for submission of applications: November 23, 2020.

Applications will be evaluated by a group of experts from the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence and Internews.

If you have any questions, please call or write:, +371 29735732

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