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Media literacy assessment, policy recommendations and integration into the education system

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Project is supported by the Fund for Bilateral Relations of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms.

The main goal of the project is to improve media and information literacy (MIL) skills in Latvian society with four key activities:
1. Analysis of the impact and sustainability of media and information literacy activities implemented by the public and NGO sectors. It is planned to conduct the study on the NGO and public administration projects which have been implemented over the last three years (approximately 27 initiatives / projects in total) and have been targeting the Latvian society. In-depth, semi-structured interviews, as well as surveys with the implementers of initiatives and projects (media organisations, NGOs, educational institutions, public administration institutions), with project target groups (wherein the beneficiaries may be pupils, students, journalists, senior citizens, etc.), as well as with the local and international funders of initiatives and projects (international donors, public institutions, etc.). The results of the impact assessment for media and information literacy projects carried out so far shall be identified and summarised.
2. Norwegian and Finnish experience of inter-institutional coordination in the field of media literacy and applying this experience to policy recommendations for the coordinated cooperation of Latvian public administration. In the framework of the project, the Finnish and Norwegian experiences, principles and objectives in the field of media and information literacy shall be explored, with a particular focus on how this work is coordinated among different public institutions and what cooperation with the non-governmental sector is. The project shall also explore how policy deliverables are set and evaluate policy effectiveness.
3. Participation in the preparation and submission of media and information literacy content in the framework of the new Guidelines for the Latvian Media Policy. The project will bring together leading media and information literacy initiatives and projects implementers, who will discuss and develop their vision of the media and information literacy sections of the policy guidelines. The activity outcome will be a media and information literacy chapter in the future Latvian Media Policy Guidelines.
4. Developing a media literacy curriculum and materials for the teachers in Latvian schools. In the final block of activities, it is planned to develop a series of methodological materials and courses (face-to-face and digital) for teachers in order to consolidate quality media and information literacy as a transversal (horizontal) competence in general education.

Partners: Norwegian Human Rights Academy and the Riga Graduate School of Law.

The financial support is provided by Active Citizens Fund, and programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants. Total amount: 104 928,59 EUR


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