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Strengthening Baltic region Resilience Against Disinformation: A Digital Activism Accelerator

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In an era characterized by the rapid dissemination of information through digital channels, the battle against disinformation has never been more crucial. Baltic region has not been immune to the pervasive influence of propaganda and misinformation. To counter these threats and empower civil society organizations (CSOs) and vulnerable groups, a Digital Activism Accelerator has been initiated. Digital Activism Accelerator is the development project of non-governmental organizations, which is part of the #DigitalActivismProgram TechSoup Europe, with support from


Who can participate in The Digital Activism Accelerator?

The project is intended for non-governmental organizations in Latvia and Estonia that want to strengthen their resilience against the influence of disinformation. They can be:

  • Youth organizations
  • Organizations that work with refugees,
  • LGBTQIA+ organizations,
  • CSOs in Eastern Latvia and Estonia: CSOs operating in the eastern part of Latvia and Estonia, near the border with Russia and Belarus, and are especially vulnerable,
  • Education Development Centres,
  • Public Policy Think Tanks,
  • Organizations Promoting Social Integration,
  • Umbrella Organizations Advocating for the NGO Sector,
  • Research and Analytical Organizations,
  • Centres for Investigative Journalism,
  • and others.


Digital Activism Accelerator objectives

  • Increasing Understanding: The program aims to enhance end beneficiaries' understanding of disinformation threats to civil society.
  • Building Capacity: Charitable non-profit NGOs are provided with technical training and support to identify, combat, and respond to disinformation. Capacity-strengthening programs on topics like fact-checking, media literacy, and digital security are tailored to their needs. Partnerships with technology experts enhance their technical capabilities.
  • Strengthening Regional Networks: The program strives to create a regional network for knowledge exchange.


Key areas of focus include:

  • Media and Information Literacy (MIL): Enhancing MIL skills, including critical thinking, fact-checking, and misinformation recognition, is crucial to counter disinformation.
  • Digital Security: Providing tools and training to bolster digital security is essential for protecting individuals and organizations against cyber threats.
  • Financial Stability: CSOs need support in ensuring sustainable financial stability through fundraising strategies and financial management.
  • Cooperation Between CSOs: Fostering collaboration and communication among CSOs through platforms like Hive Mind enhances collective responses to disinformation.
  • Effective Communication: Developing skills in organizational communication, crisis communication, and media relations equips CSOs to effectively address disinformation.


Project participants will have the opportunity to submit their own projects countering disinformation and receive support for project realisation (3000 EUR to 14 000 EUR).


Apply to the Digital Activity Accelerator by October 8

in Latvia:

in Estonia:

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