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AI Workshops for Baltic Media Professionals


How many personalized messages in how many languages can you create in one unit of time? Can you spot every manipulated image, video, text message?


Generative AI tools promise to revolutionize creative tasks, and media, companies and politicians are already using them to communicate. It also has the gigantic potential to flood the internet with misinformation.


This new level of digital transformation makes the effects we know from social media even more complex. During this workshop session, we will explore not only how those tools work, but also how to adapt to their rapid development. We will discuss how to have our own (company, industry, informal interest groups) agenda about AI, even if regulations are not yet in place.


Baltic Centre for Media Excellence offers online training on artificial intelligence (AI) for media professionals across the Baltics. The training will take place on March 8, 15 and 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the Zoom platform.


Sessions will be held in English with translations in Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian languages.


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We will work on:

  • Understanding better how generative AI works and is improving,
  • Testing how different formats (text, image, video, website, software) of communication generative AI impacts,
  • Assessing potential AI impact in different areas of media work,
  • Identify what rules and boundaries on AI could be useful for media teams/companies.


The training will be conducted by an expert Kamil Śliwowski, green and digital skills trainer and online course author. He loves to learn by teaching others, researching and experimenting with digital tools. He has been involved in the Creative Commons and digital rights movements for more than a decade. Currently working as an instructional designer for INCO Academy, creating courses about AI, digital and green skills. He is writing his newsletter and is part of Sektor 3.0 editorial team.


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