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There is a common misconception that in order to attract more female or younger audience news organisation would have to change their editorial agenda. The fact is that women and young people are as interested in news as any middle-aged men. However, they might be picking up on the different angles of the same story or enjoy it in a different format. So if you want to diversify your audience you need to diversify you content.

To be able to diversify your content, you need to diversify your Newsroom. Make sure that you have a variety of people of different genders, ages and background contributing in the editorial meetings and you will get more interesting original ideas, angles and formats for the stories you cover.

This is a great example of how Brexit and its economic consequences were explained in a fun and innovative way using giffs.

And the advantages of Newsroom diversity go beyond the media outlet, asMaria Hinojosa, an NPR host and producer, argued in her TED talk.

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