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If you own an iPhone, you always have a handy, easy-to-use camera in your pocket. It is useful for instant reporting, as well as filming where bigger cameras would attract too much attention. The video quality can be good, so long as you follow some basic tips:

  • Clean lens
  • Know where lens and mic are
  • Use airplane mode while filming
  • Reduce resolution to record more
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Focus and exposure - tap to adjust, press and hold to set
  • Move finger up and down to adjust more
  • Do not zoom when filming - move closer
  • Light drains battery
  • Keep it steady - bring arms close to body / lean on something
  • Film each shot for 10-15 secs

One of the first iPhone-only news reports was produced by BBC’s Matthew Pryce. He reported from the storm-hit Sardinia in 2013, and later explained the technique in a blog. His report was up on the BBC website soon after it was recorded, and was in the top 10 most viewed BBC News clips of the day.

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