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BCME discussion during LAMPA Conversation Festival 2020

Our work / Media innovations / BCME discussion during LAMPA Conversation Festival 2020

On September 4, 2020 a networking event to raise awareness of quality journalism role took place during LAMPA Conversation Festival. Allbeit the format and time was unusual, the festival still had its usual scope and energy.

Within the framework of the project entitled "Development of a Resilient and Informed Media Space in the Baltic States (2019-2021)”, Baltic Centre for Media Excellence held a media discussion, aiming to highlight innovative, high quality products that can attract wide audiences. It was important to understand if there are any limits for using entertainment and other unconventional ways for content creation. News as entertainment: will it save the media business?

Lithuanian Laisve TV shared their experience building a influential media company, starting from few YouTube programmes. Re:Baltica Latvian satirical show “Starp citu”, and Estonian Levila participated in the discussion as well. 

Project is supported by the Fund for Bilateral Relations of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021.


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