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Call for programme “Diversification of multimedia content for minority audiences in the Baltics”

Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME) in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia announces a call for local media outlets from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia working for audiences in the Baltic region. 

Print, TV, radio, online portals, social networking platforms, as well as combinations of the above types may apply for a “Diversification of multimedia content for minority audiences in the Baltics” programme that seeks to support media outlets in the Baltics that work in minority languages (mainly in Russian), to strengthen media outlets’ current offering and help them expand into new areas of activity.

We are now proposing to issue several grants of up to €15,000, to support outlets that produce high quality audio/video content, increase audience reach by developing specific marketing and audience engagement tools.

The applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • The applicant's media company must be based and registered in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania.
  • The applicant's media company must have professional experience in independent media and in creating of high-quality content for minorities living in the Baltics.
  • The applicant's media company must demonstrate the motivation to develop digital strategies or implement youth-friendly formats to reach digital audiences.

Applicants must demonstrate they have a well-thought-out plan and realistic budget – including being clear about the resources and staffing required for the entire activity and be ready to mobilize quickly.

Proposals that will be viewed favourably should include:

  • Experimenting with new formats (creation of podcasts, video shows, etc.)
  • Creating a series of analytical/socio-political/culture related programmes, aimed to reach wider audiences using media products predominantly in Russian language.

How to apply: By filling an application for participation in the programme using the form in the annex.

Applications will be evaluated by a group of experts from the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence and the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia.

The selected media outlets are expected to participate in a series of thematic training events focusing on the development of new formats and reaching new audiences prior to the production activities. 

Duration of the training: 1-month, preliminary January 2023. 

The applications should be submitted by December 14, 2022, to:

Viktorija Terentjeva

BCME Project manager

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